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Sourcewell, partnering with BlueScope Construction, makes it easy and efficient for members in education, government, and the nonprofit sector. It is a streamlined way to secure top-notch facilities without the usual bid process delays. You can quickly start building quality facilities with your local Butler Builder. This straightforward approach saves you time and simplifies your project from start to finish.


As a government agency, we bridge the gap between buyers and suppliers by pre-vetting and assembling a network of trusted vendors. Thanks to our thorough competitive solicitation, we’ve already taken care of the legal requirements and groundwork, allowing you to skip straight to getting the goods and services you need with confidence and speed.


Sourcewell makes your procurement process as smooth as possible by maintaining a complete set of documentation for each solicitation. This includes details on how the solicitation was advertised, along with any other necessary documents to meet your agency’s specific requirements. With all this information readily available, you can be confident that your purchasing decisions are not only efficient but also fully compliant with all regulations.
And as a Butler Builder, Reich Construction LLC can design and build your facility with less startup costs and more efficiency.

If you have questions. We have answers.

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